Retro Gamer

So I was having an 80s moment and threw on a Nintendo tee-shirt, chain and Mario bracelet from Laced Fresh. Oh how i miss the simple joys of the original Nintendo, ye graphics now a days are great but nothing beats the pixellated Mario with his limited movements jumping on things and sliding down flag pools 😛 and don’t even get me started on Duck Hunt -sighs-


Hair: Kin-Clara-[Black]

Shirt: Laced [LF] Fresh Retro Gamer Tee

Capris: Laced [LF] Fresh Black Denim Capris

Shoes: UBU Drunks

Earrings: Laced [LF] Fresh Studs – Square Silver

Necklace: Laced [LF] Fresh Nintendo Chain – Black

Bracelet: Laced [LF] Fresh Mario Bros. Bracelet


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