7 has always been a lucky number…

So my good friend at Lucky #7 showed me some of her awesome builds she made for her newly remolded sim.  Now if you visit, you can grab these awesome builds for yourself.  Lucky #7 is have a remodeling sale marking down her items from 349L to 99L! Also she’s giving away a sim opening present for 0L! Yeah you heard me right 0L  ONLY at the SAIKIN Sim.  Now if that wasn’t enough, if subscribe to the Lucky #7 group you receive a fabulous antique cabinet which is too cute for words.  But you will see from the picks below how fabulous these builds are and at the wonderful sale price how could you possibly pass them up.

Lucky #7 Eloise Home (Outside)-Gazing from this wonderful view...

Lucky #7 Eloise Home (Inside)-I started to unpack buuttt, I think I'll finish later..Yawns

Lucky #7 SAIKIN Sim Opening Gift Lost Petals Build(Only available @ the SAIKIN Sim) /Subscribo Gift Antique Cabinet- I think I'm going to need helping moving my stuff in...o.O

Lucky #7 Cigar Room (Outside)- I don't smoke but I eat a lot of candy...Mhmm

Lucky #7 Cigar Room (Inside)-Yeah...I can definitely fit a lot of candy in here...he he


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