Finding a Happy Home

So our blog is an all around one bringing to you all the important information a SL kid would need. That being said there are alot of kids around here (alts or not) that don’t have a family that they belong to. Sure friends are nice, but wouldn’t you want a fam of your own, someone you know is going to be there when you log on? Welp, if you are look no further go to Urban Hearts Adoption Agency, fill out a information notecard and set up a panel to be adopted. Panels for kids are only 1L and if you’re a parent looking for a kid you can put a panel up too for 75L. Adoption agencies are a safer and more organized way for you to find a fam and Urban Hearts is a good one for you use.

This June is Friends and Family Month @ Urban Hearts. Look forward to fun celebrations and new programs like My Family and Me classes and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of SL.

Mission of Urban Hearts: Urban Hearts Adoption Agency is dedicated to finding the perfect home for urban families. We use our time, hard work, and passion into helping kids find a home and parents find the perfect child to complete their family. We are glad to be at your service and always guarantee excellent customer service. We also take in consideration your suggestions to better help serve you.


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