Sighs…I just keep getting more hair…o.O

I’m starting to think I might have a problem, just a little bit.  Psst… So I sneaked out to go back to LoQ Hairs and bought two more fabulous hairstyles, I couldn’t help it they were calling me. (whispers) Spoiled, Spoiled buy me…buy me.  I struggled with the temptation but I looked so good in the demos I had to get them.  I mean I did, really…Don’t give me that look, you would have done the same thing…lol  Scratches head, guess its not a good time to say I went to skream! also and bought this really cool lip piercing?

LoQ Hairs-Capuccino-Jet Black/skream!-my next generation piercing & Kadee's Dimples

LoQ Hairs-Cafe au Lait-Dark Brown-This hair made me feel very studious for some reason...


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