Action, Chuculet and Larnia Kids

So.. got this cute asymmetrical bob hair from Action Womens Hair and felt the pulls of Spring again. Completed the outfit with a dress from Larnia Kids and accessorizes from Chuculet. If you don’t know Chuculet you might want to get familiar with it quick, good accessories for free, 1l, 5l or even 10l. Action is your one stop shop for so many things for girls and boys. Some of the items they have are for our more mature and edgier readers, but they have separates and accessories that help spice up any outfit.

*Action Womens Hair Charlotte – Jet
*[chuculet] maya bag – fabgreen – GroupGift
*[chuculet] ina pearl necklace – white
*[chuchulet] belle jewelry set – fabgreen
*~* Larnia Kids *~ darlin’ dots          
                                                                                                                                                                   *HOC – Glasses – Rectangle Female #001


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