The BLACK & BLUE FAIR has officially started!!!

The B L A C K  &  B L U E F A I R has officially started!!!  The Black & Blue Fair is an event which will be showcasing exclusive brand new items ranging from clothes, skin, hair, poses and much much more from some of your favorite SL designers.  This is all in an effort to bring Awareness about Mental Health.  Throughout the venue there will be information about mental health issues and illinesses which you can read.  The success of this fair will hopefully destigmatize mental health issues and let people know that they are not alone in dealing with this and people are there to help who care 🙂  So come show your support and grab some exclusive items only sold at that fair.  The fair has started today June 4th and will end on July 3rd!


FYI…yes it is lag central but don’t let that stop you…I didn’t 🙂

So fly Im the only person who Im kidding, Im kidding 😉

Hair : LoQ Hairs-capuccino

Jacket: Pink Outfitters– Sear Military Jacket

Skirt: [PACADI] -classic denim skirt

Piercings: [skream!]– “new generation” piercing; Kadee’s Dimples


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