Do the Humpty Hump!!!

Yep it’s Hump Day, half way point till the weekend…woot!!!   Hump day also mean 69L Hump Day Happiness which brings you select stores participating by setting out new or existing items and pricing them at 69L.  It may be something new, created especially for this event, or it may be a part of something already in the store, or it may be a sneak peak at a new item.  Whatever it is, it will be an item priced at this special sale price for that Wednesday only, from Midnight (Wednesday AM) – Midnight (Wednesday PM) SLT.  I wasn’t able to get around to everyone but did stop by Awesome Blossom which had out a cool hump day gift…  A little something  for the GEEK in all of us 🙂

:: Awesome Blossom :: Not a Nerd Eyeglasses & GEEK T-Shirt

For a list of the stores, click the link to 69L Flickr group…SL 69L Hump Day Happiness

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