Friday Discount Days

Oh yes, it’s Friday again and let the discounts roll on.

Black Friday: to see the items out for sale visit to see pictures of everything

My store, Laced Fresh will be included in the Black Friday round up this week. Make sure to come by and get your 50L outfit and freebie as well.

Miinii Inc
Dollee Pocket
(Dollee Pocket is also having a crayon hunt around their main store with freebies from all their vendors)

Laced Fresh

60L Friday for Kids

* Little Ones Couture
*Vicarious Vitae
*DeSiGneR KiDz
*Gothy Totz Kidz
*L@c3d-Fr3sh Inc.
*Katia Soma 4 Kids
* Hopple Popple
*Punky Lil’ Rainbow

Happy Shopping Everyone!

~~** 60 Linden weekend 4 kidz **~~


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