(sings) It’s the Stumblebum…the Stumblebum…it’s time for Stumblebum

Phew! I swear SL has me all over the place, but I do it all for you so that you can stay up to date on all the hotness within SL.  This time it’s the Stumblebum Brigade back and at it again.  Stumblebum starts at 12am SLT until the following friday 11:59pm.  You have a whole week to explore and see what exclusives item SL’s wonderful designers have out for this week.  Of course you know I’m lining up my tp’s asap 😀  If you have any questions and concerns feel free to contact Tyr Rozenblum, Apatia Hammerer & Ivy Graves.

Stumblebum Bridage List

Whippet & buck


Show me on the doll


Clawtooth By Clawtooth



.:its Cake:.

Dont freak out


virtual insanity


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