Hunt’s and Freebies!!!

Currently there is a Geekgasm Hunt going on, yes you heard me right Geekgasm…lol

The Geekgasm Hunt will include 50 fabulous stores from all over the grid featuring geeky or nerdy items (nerds are welcome too!). Gifts could be anything from earrings to skins to furniture to … well… we’re geeks. Let’s just say it could be anything.

The hunt will run from June 20th to July 1st, and hunters will be looking for a tiny prim rubik’s cube.  Because I’m a dork (no shame in my game) I have started the hunt myself and I must say they have some pretty cool items.  You can check  the Geekgasm blog for the entire hunt list and updates they may have 🙂


Moving on to freebies 🙂  [NEEDFUL THINGS] has this cute freebie happy duck ring you can pick up at the Mainstore.

_LEO-NT_Happy Duck Rings Freebie


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