SNEAK PEAK AT SL7B (Second Life’s 7th Birthday)

Because SpoilednFr3sh is sooo fabulous, we were  able to get a sneak peek into SL7B (Second Life’s 7th Birthday).  Spanning 21 sims with over 700 contributors, over 300 exhibits, over 300 live performers and speakers with special speeches from Philip and M Linden, SL7B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the “life” of Second Life.  Sponsored by Linden Lab, this year’s theme is “Unexpected Collaborations,” the celebration will go on from June 21 through June 27.

Of course I was able to take some pictures, the sim  design is spectacular and a little hint, have a piece a cake ;).

SL7B (Second Life's 7th Birthday)

SL7B Mhmmm CAKE!!!


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