Most fabulous shopping experience EVER!!

So we all know the best thing about SL is the random moments that bring some laughter, joy and doesn’t hurt if you get fabulous things in the process. And it just so happens I just had one of those moments. I had the pleasure of meeting Brinks Lemmon, a designer with Puddles. Not only is she a great designer, but is also a great person. She allowed me to preview the collection she is currently working on. There will be new (these are my cleavor descriptions, work with me)  necklaces (some pearl strands), aviator glasses, the risky business glasses and bracelets (bangles galore folks). Items should be available tomorrow or very soon at the latest, make sure you go to Puddles and check out all of their stuff.

Now you know i wasn’t leaving without buying something, so I got the * ~ * Puddles * ~ * Lovers Earrings  in Black, Silver and Gold. Each set comes in small medium and large, sure to fit all sizes. I blew up the picture of the earrings so you can get a good look. I also took advantage of the sale and got a cute zebra purse, which inspired me to make a full outfit to go with it.

 Puddles is also having a summer blowout until June 24th (i.e. TONIGHT) with all item in the store priced from 25-50L. Make sure you also subscribe for exclusive gifts and store updates.

Outfit Credits:

Hair: [Shag] – Nymph – Dark Shades

Outfit: Laced [LF] Fresh Zebras.R.Us. (coming soon)

Earrings and Purse: * ~ * Puddles * ~ * Lovers Earrings & Doctor Bag Great White


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