Summer time is always an exciting time in SL and this summer is no exception.  LotS of events going on so grab your pen and paper to write all this down and get ready to make your LM’s. Lets start with the Hunts shall we….

Beach Loving Hunt

First up we have the Beach Loving hunt which started today July 1st and will run until August 1st.  There will be at least 50 fabulous designers in this hunt with items waiting for you to snag.  You will be looking for this —->

Look for me (Blazing Blue Sun) to get Beach Loving Hunt item at participating stores

For any questions or concerns IM Lis Twine or Adier Breil in world.  Also check the Beach Loving Hunt blog

To help you get started, here is the LM to the BLH starting point


Geekgasm Hunt

The Geekgasm Hunt is still going on and still going strong so if you haven’t started it yet, you better get a move on because it ends TODAY JULY 1ST!!! For the complete hunt list and hints go to the Geekgasm blog I would have to advise some uber cool geeky items are available so I would definitely take the time to do the hunt 🙂

Black & Blue Fair

Unfortunately the Black & Blue Fair will be ending July 4th.  If you haven’t made you way to the fair please do!  So many designers and cool item that are being displayed.  My favorite I item I think has been this Shopaholic pose/prop (Umm did I mention its only 1L ! o.O).  It’s too cute and definitely gets the point across…lol

Trying out Shopaholic pose @ Black & Blue Fair (ENDS JULY 4TH)

Summer of Love Fair

Although the Black & Blue Fair is ending don’t be sad because it’s gonna be followed by the Summer of Love Fair!!!! I can’t tell you too much because I have been sworn to secrecy…lol.  What I can say is it starts July 18th and ends Augusty 8th, the event is to showcase exclusive items only to be sold at the fair and most important bring awareness to Mental Health issues that are on the rise.

Some of the designers who are participating include DeeTaleZ, (Posh),Berries ‘Inc., King For Men, Elate!, PIDIDDLE, TonkTastic, Botanical, Nomine,Scribble, LacieCakes, HOC industries, {what next} and many many more!!!  And because SpoilednFr3sh is that cool we have a few teaser pictures we can show you, just a few.  I know…I know…you going to want more but I can’t I Simply can’t 🙂  But still love you all just the same 🙂

Hmm...Wonder what this could be? Skin, Lashes or maybe eyes...shruggs who

o.O Looks like something I will probably buy 🙂

Looks like a pair of fly sneaks...Definitely digging that!


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