Fun Filled Weekend!!!

Ok so if you’re bored in SL here’s a few things you can do to get your motor running and also help out for a good cause!

All-Stars Relay for Life Fashion Fest (July 2nd-July 11th)

1st up we have the All-Stars Relay for Life Fashion Fest.  Open yesterday July 2 and continues through July 11th.  This event is an extravaganza  of your top SL designers spanning over 9 sims showcasing clothes, hair, tattoos, shoes, you name it Fashion Fest has it!  Also will be live entertainment, DJ’s, auctions, hunts and raffles.  Click the link below to TP directly in world or look under the Hunts/Events tab to check out the website.

RFL Fashion Fest

Operation Squeegee (July 1st-July 15th)

Up next we have the Operation Squeegee Event which is a Second Life fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation. This is to help recovery from the ongoing oil-spill in the gulf coast ecosystem.  This event is packed with fun filled shopping, DJ’s, live artist, trivia games and more!!!  If you want to donate and help support the oil spill relief efforts you can donate directly via this link DONATION LINK or inworld via any squeegee donation bucket.

Psst...If you get a little tired hitch a ride on one of these cute horses provided by Crimson Phoneix!

Black & Blue Fair (June 3rd-July 4th)

The Black & Blue Fair brings together some of your favorite designers to showcase limited edition items in an effort to raise awareness about Mental Health Issues.=

Also, you have the Black & Blue Fair which unfortunately ends tomorrow!!!  So if you haven’t made your ware there I suggest you get on with the get on…lol  Lots of uber cute limited edition items on display and with some items being sold as low as 1L, you’re bound to find something you like.

Black & Blue Fair


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