Summer of Love Fair around the corner!

With the conclusion of the Black & Blue Fair which was a huge success, the organizers CHIC Management is now organizing the Summer of Love Fair.  The SOL Fair will take place between July 18th-August 8th and will be showcasing exclusive designs from some of second life’s best designers, it’s also bringing awareness to Mental Health Issues.  Now I can’t give away the location (sorry, but I been sworn to seacracy).  But I can give you the run down on all the fabulous designers that will be showcasing there items and also a tidbit about what you’re gonna see inside the SOL Fair  venue.  Hint: click the “?” you see floating around they offer informative information about Mental Health Issues and may also have a little some extra 🙂  But you have to click it to find out!”

Brands involved in the SOL Fair

+ Dahlinks Jewelry (Alexandra Nichols)
+ Candydoll (rebeca Dembo)
+ Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde & Zarothan Wylder)
+ HELLO DAVE (Maia Gasparini)
+ :Fusion: (adria Joubert)
+ A-BOMB (Lavea Alter & Addison Mortlock)
+ : FALLEN Style : (Teagan Khalim & Rylie Classito)
+ BeScene Poses (Dimitri Shinn)
+ !tarnished (December Larkham)
+ [slutcookie] (Ashley Seminario)
+ Caroline’s Jewelry (Caroline Apollo)
+ !imabee (Brendon Papp)
+ *Just Me* (Typha Bailey)
+ SIGMA Jewels (Sofi Trenkins)
+ Goth1c0 (Keishii Roo)
+ Sassy Kitty Designs (Kinu Mayako)
+ {what next} (Winter Thorn)
+ << Mannequin Poses >> (Taylorr Dawes)
+ Filthy Gorgeous (Adaarye Shikami & Toni Friller)
+ Flavor! Designs (Traken Damone)
+ Indie Rose (Angelina Eizenberg)
+ Broken Doll (Marja Languish)
+ **TKO** (Kirsty Oherlihy)
+ Baubles Boho Jewelry (Chic Aeon)
+ [Muted] Fashion (Sella Serevi)
+ thick. (Hannelore Difference)
+ :KC: Hair (Niennra Kitsune)
+ Casa Del Shai (Shai Delacroix)
+ mY pINKIE sKULL (Tatyana Ultsch)
+ Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)
+ Twisted and Spoiled (Phia Vaughan)
+ TonkTastic (Tonk Tomcat)
+ <TheAbyss> (Khai Sinister)
+ iPoke Piercings (Steele Branner)
+ Baffle! (Samantha Smadga)
+ Bomb! (onur Erin)

+  III (Keira Seerose)
+ :. WoE .: (Dick Wiesel)
+ Alexohol (AlexandraM Guisse)
+ Posh (Jeanie Valois)
+ Vivaposes (Jas Core)
+ {Little Pricks} (Syn Beresford)
+ Heart & Sole (Bijoux Lefavre)
+ Wicked Gear (Khurt Vhargon)
+ v3 Tattoos (Khurt Vhargon)
+ **DD Style** (Dadina Dosei)
+ Honey and Vinegar (Elikapeka Yokosuka and melena Runner)
+ Hearse Ltd. (Keith Naumova)
+ *tw. (Missy Mumblewood)
+ skream! (Jacqueline Cliassi)
+ LiNe (zippir Kayo)
+ Fab.Pony (Tatianna Faulkes)
+ KIM Bodysuits (Kimberly Flagon)
+ CaLLie Cline (Callie Cline)
+ Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa)
+ [Acide!] (Acide Innovia)
+ DeeTaleZ (Steffi Villota)
+ /me Poses (Claire Dallin)
+ Deviant Designs (Rosie Lavochkin)
+ Berries Inc. (summse Sands)
+ :: Awesome Blossom :: (Clementine Ishtari)
+ *Bliss Couture* (Amutey DeCuir)
+ sf Designs (swaffette Firefly)
+ Black&Blue Outfitters (Fiori Ametza & Jacinda Jaxxon)
+ SWEET LEONARD (Lady Leonard & Magdalena Bergamasco)
+ Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson)
+ Cynful (Cynthia Ultsch)
+ FurseTri (Seville Furse)
+ ***Just You*** (Clyde Avon)
+ MonS (ekilem Xenno)

+ Shush (Avy Fhang)
+ Vita’s Boudoir (Vitabela Dubrovna & Precious Restless)
+ Cleo Designs (Cleom Bailey)
+ SHAG (Shyayn Lusch)
+ Izzies (Izzie Button)
+ Tyranny Designs (Tyr Rozenblum)
+ aDIVA Couture (AnneJoy Paine)
+ Fhang Candy (Michi Fhang)
+ King for Men (Kerem Lunt)
+ Morantique Lush (Mo Miasma)
+ Exodi (Ryker Beck)
+ Elate! (Kellie Iwish)
+ KHUSH (Liess Paine)
+ House of Ruin (Ruina Kessel)
+ Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia)
+ TASTY (Veronica Kanya & Bown Ellsmere)
+ COOL BEANS (Anyalia Pearl)
+ GARAGE (Slava Parkin)
+ Acid & Mala Creations (Acide Ferraris & Mala Oh)
+ HOC Industries (Guu Nishi)
+ Pulling Strings (Elle Kirshner)
+ Panda Express (Kioko Kumaki)
+ Mustache (Mandi Hotaling & Mae Limano)
+ CnS e-motion (Gracie Kangjon & Cynthia Ultsch)
+ Holli Pocket (Holli Thespian)
+ MADesigns / KMADD (Maddox DuPont)
+ BAIASTICE (Sissy Pessoa)
+ nina. (Halina Baxton)
+ TIK TOK (Miah McAuley)
+ MFP Princess (Teesh Destiny)
+ TICKETme. (Dottie Dosei)
+ Frippery (Elizabeth Tinsley)
+ Gems & Kisses (Deliziosa Vendetta)
+ N’Soul (Nicol Soulstar)
+ *BOOM* Clothing (Aranel Ah)
+ Xplosion (Kaliha Noel)
+ Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs (Ginevra Lancaster)
+ Accessories by Eolande (Eolande Elvehjem)
+ [aRAWRa] (Aurora Deischer)
+ .:Relentless Couture:. (Voltaire Serpente)
+ Humby Designs (Sammy Humby)
+ [si:n] (eisbluemel String)
+ *LP* Design (Liberty Shinn)
+ Orange Creations (nut Barak)
+ +Mariposa+ (Felicity Winslet)
+ HYPER CULTURE & HYPER MALE (Christensia Parkin)
+ A&A Fashion (AGNIESZKA Allstar & Anastazja Brimm)
+ Medley (Arriah Fiertze)
+ Polaris (Bay Mistwood)
+ Plastic Flowers (Crystalin Clayton)
+ Passionate Neko (JustinKeith Baxton)
+ Fairy Tail (xxxriexxx Serevi)
+ Indrya Originals (Indrya Seigo)
+ Scribble (Radio Signals)
+ Look@Me Poses (klita Slade)



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