ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival!!!

Starting today is the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival!  I know I know some of you are like what in the world does Gatcha mean?  Gatcha is sorta like a vending machine that you pay and get a random prize.  At the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival, there will be over 55 gatcha machines filled with quality items from some of your favorite designers.

The festival is divided into two series, the first starting today July 7th-July 21st and series two starting July 28th-August 14th.  Both series will have trading parties so that you can swap different gatcha items with others. Series 1 swapping party starting July 24th 9pm slt and series 2 swapping part August 14th 5pm slt.

I visited the festival on opening day and I had the pleasure of running into the owner OMGWTF Barbecue.  I must stay she is a wonderful person and it was a delight talking to her.  Hopefully you will enjoy her as much as I did by reading this exclusive interview with OMGWTF Barbecue 🙂

[10:04] SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Beginning interview with OMGWTF Barbecue on July 7th 2010 at 10:04 am slt

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: I know you are the owner and designer of This is a Fawn which is a awesome store by the way.  But you are now also the new owner and creative director of ALBERO+ Cioccolata.  Since becoming the new owner how has this new business venture been for you?

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: I took over the sims in January, and in doing so was able to save them from closing permanently. It’s been a lot of work, at times much more than I anticipated, but I really love the concept behind the sims, and all of the creators – It’s an amazingly inventive group who populates the sim, and it feels great to be surrounded by so much creativity.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: I would agree, I was excited myself when I heard you took over as owner and creative director.

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: 😀

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Since becoming the owner and creative director, how do you think the sim is doing and has your creative ideas transpired  through the sim?

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: My main focus has been to keep the same sort of vibe that the original owner, dazai Voom had made, because that’s what made the sims so much fun.  I’ve expanded on his ideas and work by adding ALBERO Home & Garden, and the soon-to-open ALBERO Men’s mall. I’ve also tried to bring more art to the sim, which is a big part of my RL. So many ideas… lol

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Yes, I have noticed the increase in artistic themes and festivals that have been going on within the sim.  I did visit the art fair that was going on before earlier in the year.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: I love art myself and was happy to see that happen 🙂

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: But as a consumer and a person who loves creativity, I will have to say you are doing a great job!

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: aww, thank you

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: But lets get into the event that is going on now…

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: What prompted you to have a Gatcha Festival? What was your inspiration behind the idea?

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: It’s actually a continuation of something dazai was doing. One of the first times I ever really looked around the sim was during a gatcha festival that he had organized. It was so much fun! So I thought.. it’s about time to do that again. People really enjoyed it, and summer is a great time to have a fun event like this.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: It sure is, and I think I know what previous gatcha festival you are referring to.  That was the first time I was introduced to dazai creativity and fell in love with the sim…I spent a lot of linden that day…lol

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: so did i, hahah

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Who are some of the designers Sl residents will likely see at the festival and what was your criteria for choosing those who are involved?

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: Oh gosh, theres over 55 creators participating.. Reek, DUBOO, Scribble, RC Cluster, Katat0nik, Tiny Bird.. tons and tons of great stuff. All of the renters in the sims were invited to participate, as well as a small group of guests that I hand-picked.  There will likely be a completely different group of creators and items for Series 2!

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Oh cool, and i might add most of whome you’ve named are some of my favorite stores 🙂

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: one more question OMG 🙂

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: What other creative events should we expect from OMGWTF Barbecue?

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: I’ve got a billion ideas.. but right now I’m working on opening an art gallery on the sim, where we can hold regular art exhibitons, and bringing live musicians in to perform – Maybe have some kind of music festival with a bunch of performers, who knows!

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: All of it sounds exciting and you can bet I will definitely be at any event you host 🙂

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: hooray!

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Thanks so much OMGWTF! It was wonderful talking to you and the sim looks great and the Gatcha Summer festival looks awesome!

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: thank you!

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: thanks again for taking the time to interview with me 🙂

OMGWTF Barbecue‧: sure thing, take care 🙂

[10:36]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Ending interview with OMGWTF Barbecue on July 7th 10:36 am SLT

Lounging with Owner and Creative director of This is a Fawn and ALBERO + Cioccolata store and sim


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