Summer of Love Fair is now OPEN!!!

You’ve been waiting, even tried to sneak in to get a peek at what the Summer of Love had to offer.  Well the wait is over and Summer of Love Fair is now open!  Come check out all the great designers and the exclusives items they have made for the SOL fair.  Which are beyond awesome!!!

I was able to get a sneak peak inside SOL before it opened and in the process was able to talk to the coordinator of the event Keira Seerose.  Keira also organized the Black & Blue Fair back in June.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, you should she has a great sense of humor  and easy to talk to.  But until you do, check out my interview and step into  the world that is Keira Seerose.
[9:48]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Beginning interview with Keira Seerose at 9:48 am SLT

SpoiledRotten Mahogany
‧: Morning Keira, how are you doing?  Super busy I can imgaine…

Keira Seerose‧ looks around for the microphone and leans in to talk into a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table.
SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: so silly

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: lol

Keira Seerose‧: I’m fine thank you! Yep we are pretty busy getting the last people set up, we have about 16 no shows to go.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: o.O sounds like a lot but I know its all worth the effort :).  So  Keira I know that you are owner of CHIC Management, III and also seem to be Second Life’s fair queen.  What prompted you to start your business and produce such successful fairs?

Keira Seerose‧ laughs… uhh… boredom? In actual fact I just *have* to be busy all the time. I really wanted to run a fashion event, and I wanted to be ambitious and only let in the best, and then once it was in my mind I thought it would be a great platform to raise awareness too. I think its just a love of the artistry in SLs greatest design houses that made all this come about.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany
‧: lol, boredom is definitely a good reason and seems to be a driving force for people in SL when they start they business.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: What was your very first event and how did it go?

Keira Seerose‧: My first event.. I think you were there! The black and blue fair was my first official event. Although every time someone I know gets married I end up setting everything up – I really LOVE planning weddings, I’m a total idealist and romanticist, and I know all the best places to go for things so .. its great to make peoples dreams come true, especially if its someone you care about… The Black and Blue fair ran in June 2010, and we had a traffic of about 310322 while we were open…

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Yes I was there and it was great!  You did a wonderful job, the setup was great and very informative.  I had a blast blogging about it and made sure i tped in my friends when I could.

Keira Seerose‧: Haha that’s great, with the Summer of Love fair we tried to be more inventive with ways to get the information to people. We have 29 information points, the floating question marks, throughout the venue, and they all have a freebie in them from some of our participating designers. Some of those are new and exclusive items too so hopefully lots of people will inadvertently learn a lot.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Aah yes, I saw that and actually was in the process of blogging about it.  It’s a good idea and I think it will go over well with the masses, so KUDOS for thinking outside the box!

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: With that being said, what was your creative process of organizing the Summer of Love fair?

Keira Seerose‧: Well planning began exactly 3 hours after the black and blue fair opened its doors to the public. I wanted to use the run time of that event to plan the next one so that we could keep momentum up, and so the gap between the two fairs was only actually two weeks. Myself and my assistant Melisande Metaluna and my SL best friends, Kristy Seerose and Prue Genira composed a ‘wish list’… it really was that crass, chuckles. We scoured our inventories, xstreet, fashion malls, the blogs.. to find our favorite designers, and then to add a good amount of ‘up and coming designers’. Mynerva, an amazing skin store, got a huge business boost from the Black and Blue fair, and now they are on every other blog post I see! That’s great :] The layout of the venue means that the focus is on the products not the brands, so if you are talented you make sales and I love giving the smaller brands a chance to make it big. This time we brought in Lara Skins, Morantique Lush, Izzies, Bottle Bird, cupcakes, you know, stores that are definitely about to explode onto the blog scene. I have no doubt people will love what they find at the fair… The hardest part about setting the fair up is having the guts to approach people you’ve idolized for years and convince them that you have something worth being involved in.. but I got some people who haven’t really done events before, just because the B&B fair was so successful – and because I don’t charge the designers for being in the fairs, so they had no reason not to be involved. I just pray that the turn out matches the work they all put in.

Keira Seerose
‧: creative process ? I stand upside down in a bucket of paint. Put that instead. haha.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: dead

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: lmao

Keira Seerose‧: xd I’m a chatty type

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: LOL… its ok and definitely understand, I felt the same way when I decided to start a blog.  I was nervous about approaching designers about wanting to sponsor me and prove to them it would be a good choice.  But after asking a few people you get over the nervous factor…lol

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: A lot of your events deal with bringing awareness to people about issues that typically aren’t addressed.  What was your reason behind this?

Keira Seerose‧: Oh its no secret that I’m completely mad. I can admit that, chuckles. I suffer from acute depression, suicidal tendencies, I’ve been a self harmer, a sexual abuse survivor, an emotional abuse survivor… but the biggest issue in my life is Social Anxiety disorder, which means I am kind of afraid of people… uhh It means I don’t really go out in real life, or answer the phone, it means that any comments that aren’t positive I take as a negative, and they can upset me for years after their said.. its like a lot of peoples personalities but extreme. Even in SL it affects me, talking on voice to strangers, or IMing designers, if I don’t psyche myself up for it its impossible for me. That’s why its so great to have Melisande on the team, because sometimes I just throw up my hands and have to go, Mel, deal with this for me!! I think that – online especially – so many people need understanding, of their own issues and of their friends issues, were all looking to make connections or we wouldn’t be talking to each other. SL is a social thing, even if we stay home in our sky boxes building most of us have a small circle of friends… and having them understand what can seem like bizarre or irrational behavior can be a huge help, on your RL as well as your enjoyment of SL. I know I’m not the only person for whom SL is their first life, and I just think that helping people come to terms with these issues is so important. Because I truly believe that loneliness is the worst thing there is in life.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: I agree and commend you for taking that step and bringing issues that some people are afraid to talk about to the fore front.

Keira Seerose‧: In the online world I am mostly known on DeviantART, an artist community, where I was a very prominent community member in the literary community. I made a huge impact there by writing about my own issues and my feelings about them, I love to help people, and that might be giving someone a free shirt or pair of shoes, so they feel more comfortable in sl, or it might be sitting down and letting them talk about loss and life and love. I get really impassioned when I talk about this I’m sorry, chuckles, I don’t mean to sound so pious. I am passionate about acceptance and understanding, because mental health issues are the only health issues that can actually be made *worse* by a lack of understanding from people around you.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany
‧: not a problem, its good to see that people care in SL.  Like you said before sometimes SL is all some people have.

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: On that note, after the Summer of Love Fair, what other creative events can we expect from Keira Seerose and CHIC Management?

Keira Seerose‧ kicks out someone who sneaked into the
venue early. Sneaky!… well we were going to hold off on events until October, because we don’t want to clash with Jewelry and Hair Fair which I believe are both in September… but then the ISPACHI boys (andred Qinan and Diarmuid Miklos) offered us half a sim for an August event, which would be before those two events… I’m very tempted I have to admit… but we will see how SOL goes… I know there will be another fair in October, people are already saying they definitely want that to go ahead so that will happen whatever the way. If we decide not to hold an August event then I was planning on running two very exclusive high end hunts. SOL has almost 200 brands but the hunts would only have 100, so it will be really the top brands if that goes ahead, chuckles.

Keira Seerose‧ coordinates Tatianna Faulkes (fab.pony & BOSL Radio DJ) to DJ the opening and helps Caroline’s Jewelrys designer (Caroline Apollo) get set up whilst answering questions xD

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: so very talented 🙂  Well everything sounds promising and looking forward to the next event rather it start in August or later… 🙂

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: It was a pleasure talking with you Keira and please keep up the exceptional work.  It’s always good to have people like you who genuinely care in SL.

Keira Seerose‧: Thank you so much SpoiledRotten, was lovely talking with you too! I will now go and stop Taylorr Dawes (<<<mannequin>>>) setting fire to the place!

SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: o.O  puts on fire proof hat and grabs water hose…lol

Keira Seerose‧: haha 😀

[10:26]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: Ending interview with Keira Seerose at 10:26 slt

Keira Seerose- Bracelets on right arm-Lacie Cakes Left arm-Indyra Originals/Indy&co, Dress- Indrya Originals/Indy&co. Tattoo-Shush, Skin-Fall Hair-Lamb *Everything listed above are SOL fair items except the hair.


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