Good Business… Do you know what it means?

So, we blog about a lot of great fashion and designers in SL and I must say overall I think SL has a lot of talented and good people who contribute to the greater whole of things, but you always run into some situations in which you wonder if people really understand the standards of good business over simply making a quick buck. There’s been two situations this week that make me wonder what in the world people are thinking.

First, I bought a contest system packet, great idea for the packet, but what’s advertised is not what was given. Now in normal situations you jus simply send a note card or a IM to the creator who then simply explains or apologizes for the mistake and you both move on with your virtual life. But every once in a while you get a creator who declines note cards or simply ignores you all around, which is what is happening to me. So then I sit and wonder, why become a content creator if you’re not willing to deal with situations? If you don’t have the simple patience to deal with situations or to have a simple conversation with a purpose what could possibly make you think you should sell things? Or maybe it is you think once you make a good amount of money you’re then too good to talk to people?

The second situation happened to someone I know, she paid 30k for a custom build (now note the word CUSTOM as i continue on with my story 😀 ) very pretty build, wonderfully done, two strawberry builds. She set up her land and it looks great, even I asked who created it because I’d be interested in having them do some customs for me. My understanding is that my friend got a lot of compliments and she sent people to the creator in good faith. Now as I do in SL, I roam going to different stores and what do I see as I begin to rezz at this particular creators store, the CUSTOM strawberry builds that are now for sell for 5k. So then I ask my friend did she know her stores were being sold, of course she didn’t and asked the creator why she was selling them, what was the response? Simply to make more money. Now i understand the need to make money on SL, especially if you’re using it for RL endeavors, but I will NEVER understand why you agree to do a custom job, which means one of a kind, something no one else has and charge 30k and you turn around selling the items for LESS than you charged the person who requested the build. And what really made me livid of it all,  was for the creator to be flippant about selling them, saying they spent time on them. Well of course you spent time on them, but if you’re not happy with the prize you quote to people, that’s your own personal fault, you don’t turn around and try to make more money off something.

I mean really, is it that difficult for people to be conscious of others and not such selfish *explicative*? -Sighs- I honestly think, if it wasn’t for all the good people and creators I’ve met on SL I’d wonder about the state of people’s mentalities, because honestly sometimes people really aren’t running on full steam, if you know what i mean. Or maybe people just don’t care and figure so what, word of mouth can’t be that bad. We’ll please let me inform anyone who maybe reading this and act like the people I’ve described. Word of mouth is how people become big contents creators in SL, it’s also how people go out of business. The perception people have of you drastically change the opportunities you will be given and whether you realize it or not, it affects that money you so desperately yearn for. Making money is great, but being a good business owner is better.


2 responses to “Good Business… Do you know what it means?

  1. Thanks, for putting it out there hun. Sadly, I will never return to her as a builder and I will inform anyone and everyone I’ve referred to her as well. I look at it like if you weren’t happy with the 30k why didnt you tell me in the first place? I have used her for other builds as well and always through as I see it progress I let her know if you need more money just let me know. And she declines.

    Thanks for putting the word out there.

  2. Whoa, the both situations sound really bad.

    About that custom building thing: It would be okay only if it would have been part of the original deal. I once built something custom (for a friend) and part of the deal of building it was that I could sell what I built.

    Very bad customer service in both cases. I’m shocked as a content creator and as a client.

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