ARMIDI | The Final Sale

Information from the Armidi designers regarding the 50% off sale, please read below:


It must be getting close, we’re letting out the last details for The Final Sale!

When: Begins 8:00PM PST, July 20th, 2010.

Where: A private two region venue dedicated to The Final Sale.

ARMIDI ‘The Final Sale’ theWarehouse

ARMIDI ‘The Final Sale’ theWarehouse II

We’ve taken precautions to provide a comfortable shopping experience during the sale, however in the event you are unable to make purchases at first, don’t sweat it – we’re making an effort to make sure everyone has the chance to stop by before the end of the sale. Please note, due to the escalated nature of a sale, all sales are final.

A massive thank you to theWarehouse for collaborating with us in helping make this possible. Please note that after The Final Sale ends, you will be able to keep your membership to theWarehouse group, gaining access to the biggest sales, exclusives, goodies, and more from your favourite designers, a selective group of the highest quality and most sought after designers and content creators. theWarehouse will officially be launching this fall, and membership will be closed to new applicants. We’re excited to be a part of theWarehouse pre-launch fesitivies and to be able to offer our customers first and exclusive membership! For more information visit

And, stay tuned for announcements from the Armidi designers through out the event, including a few special surprises!
We’ll be popping in to meet everyone, so say “Hi!” if you see us!

See you soon!
the designers


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