Goodies, Goodies and More Goodies at the Summer of Love Fair…

If you haven’t made it to the Summer of Love Fair, shame on you!  Summer of Love Fair is is doing just as good as it’s Black  & Blue Fair counter part.  And if you went to the Black & Blue Fair, then you know you’re missing a lot!!!  But if you’re just absolutely positively too busy to go then let me show you some of the fabulous items you can snag at the fair….Also remember the fair is also going on to raise awareness about Mental Health and you can learn about specific Mental Health situations by clicking the floating “?” throughout the fair.


SOL-{what next} Beach Cottage Set (shown)-Daybed, print, lamp and plain books; Outfit: [aRAWR]-Plain Party Dress; Shoes: Surf Couture-Desert Sandals; Hair:

*Everything can be purchased at the SOL fair except shoes and hair*

SOL-Shirt: T-unction (emo). Shorts:Alexohol Fashions- Bellini Short; Necklace:-Sand Dollar Necklace; Hair:

*Bellini Shorts can be purchased at the SOL fair from Alexohol*


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