What people are saying about the Summer of Love Fair!!!

In my eyes, the Summer of Love Fair is going great!  But you always want a 2nd opinion or maybe 3…lol  So to make sure im not delusional about how fabulous SOL is going I asked a few people on how they thought the fair was going and their experience…
[11:43]  Diablo Starship‧: sure i would i’m loving most of the things here hurting my feelings a little seeing most of the very cute tops i have to pass up
[11:45]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: aww im sorry hear that, may i ask why?
[11:46]  Diablo Starship‧: well i have prim breast so i have to find tops that work around them
[11:47]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: o.O gotta love the boobies 😀 but I know you will find something that will fit 😀 happy hunting and thank you for your comments!
[11:47]  Diablo Starship‧: very welcome

[11:46]  Dizzy Piek‧: laggy lol and when its rezzd fabylouse stuff
[11:46]  Dizzy Piek‧: and i love bloggers 🙂 im gonna save youre blog
[11:47]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: cool! and fabulous most definitely not gonna comment on how much i’ve spent…lol
[11:48]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: and thanks for saving my blog, its greatly appreciated 😀
[11:48]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany‧: thanks for the comments!
[11:49]  Dizzy Piek‧: yvw 🙂

[11:58]  Kimberly Mirabeau: Hi.. well, other than being really laggy.. its great… 🙂  I enjoying the mixture of different designers here…  🙂  I plan on coming back later today to explore more 🙂
[11:58]  SpoiledRotten Mahogany: cool! thanks so much for your comment!
[11:58]  Kimberly Mirabeau: Your so welcome 🙂

SOL in full swing, grey people and all!!!

As you can see the reviews are great and the SOL fair is doing fabulous!  Continue showing your support and spreading the word about Mental Health Awareness!!!


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