Sooo…OMG rbcg IS REOPENING!!! (part 2)

Because rbcg is that freaking awesome I had to break my blog review into two parts!  Part one gushed over the fact rbcg was reopening and also gave you an exclusive interview with the owner and creator Kyrsten Jigsaw.  If you happen to miss that post here’s a link back to rbcg review part 1…

Now today is the official opening of rbcg to the public.  A long waited moment on the sl grid cause I know I’m excited, I mean what would sl be without rbcg?  Ponders that horrific thought….(shivers)  Lets not think about that…lol.   So rbcg is reopening bigger and better than before, the shop has been rebuilt with more space to accommodate  all the new items and the oldie but goodies we so love.   Here are  a couple of my favorite items from rbcg, what are yours?  You know you have some…lol 🙂

My fav rbcg shirt hoodie & bag (brown)

Another one of my fav rbcg items...rbcg.polonium short set

Well you’ve seen my favorite items, so what are you waiting for? rbcg if officially open agai, so head on over to rbcg and find your favorite item.  To get you started, there is a free welcome gift at the front of the store right below the subscriber kiosk.  Welcome Back rbcg!!!!

Free gift at rbcg...geoplanes full outfit.


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