Lazy Sunday List

Because I want my readers to be ahead of the game at all times, here”s the Lazy Sunday List 🙂  A lot of designers this week which mean more awesome items to get!


Aurora Deischer- [aRAWR]

Jacinda Jaxxon-Black&BLue Outfitters

Zoey Orsini-Mannequin

Christa Pizzicato-Babycakes

Luna Warcliffe .::HAVANA NIGHTS::.

Holli THespian-Holli Pocket

Izzie Button-Izzie’s

Miah McAuley-TIK TOK

ekilem Xenno –MoNs-

AGIESKZA Allstar- A&A Fashion Shop

Miro Mimulus -Cupcakes

Winter Thorn -{what next}

Scarlet Chandrayaan – *ICED*

Slava Parkin- .:::GARAGE:::.


Steele Branner – [-ipoke-]

Samantha Smadga-Baffle!

Bela Tolsen-*TuttiFrutti*

Lucie Genira – {Dead Carrot}

osterhase yellowjacket- ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;

IsabellaGrace Baroque – Olive Juice

Van Naimarc- V Tattoo Store

Ayumi Banufong- ::JAZUMI::

Raelynn Loxely – [gogozombie]

redsoledrea Gossipgirl- OMFG I Love it! Boho, & Expressions


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