Silent Lion Troupe…

Silent Lion Troupe is a new event which brings you discounted themed items from some of SL favorite designers.  Here’s more information about SLT below…

There are seven days in a week. Why restrict a group’s special sale to one day? In SLT, we’ve decided to set it up a bit differently. As it stands, each designer will release an exclusive item once (or twice, if they would like) per month, set for sale for L$75 for one day only.

The theme for July is WHITE.

Here’s the list of stores and the LMs to each (as of June 25th) for the month of July. If anything changes, I’ll let you know as soon as I know and I will try (SL willing) to visit each store on the date of release sometime between 12 AM – 3 AM SLT to make sure they have their item out for you all.

The number beside the name of the store is the date on which they will release. For example, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ will release on the 4th AND 22nd of July since their name is written next to the 4 and 22.

1) Shades of October

2) [skream!]

3) Nomine

4) +++BLUEBLOOD+++


6) .::CoLLisions:.



9) FK Virtues

10) JeSyLiLO

11) ((RIPE))

12) Wretched Dollies

13) Atargatis


15) [Acide!]

16) glided

17) Show me on the Doll

18) *Ticky Tacky*

19) .:\De3or/:.

20) *~Sassy Kitty Designs~*

21) Nightshade

22) +++BLUEBLOOD+++

23) DownDownDown

24) +mocha+

25) ImmateriA

26) Kis Kis

27) Nushru

28) nina.

29) ~La Petite Morte~

30) Weather! or not?


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