For The Love Of Halloween Event starts today!

So if you haven’t heard there’s a wonderful event going on called the For The Love of Halloween and yes it’s as cool as it sounds!  The entire sim is grayscale (black & white) which kinda reminds you of being in a really cool creepy cartoon.

The event started today Oct 3rd and goes on for the next 4 weeks.  Currently there are 40 stores participating and increases everyday.  There will be live performances and a mini hunt going on throughout the event.   For the hunt Each store on the sim has placed a special hunt item in each leaf. Here is what they look like:

Vendors have made exclusive items for the event pricing them very reasonably.  Also each vendor has made an exclusive Halloween themed item for only 100L!  Cool right?!?  Some of the cool items being are offered are…

Pink Fuel Bloodthirsty Skin

Pink Fuel Dia De Los Muertos Skin-Rose

Tweedle-Monster Balloon

Because this event is so cool proceed with caution because even I wasn’t able to tp 😦  So don’t get down about just wait a few moments and try again because its definitely worth the wait!


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