On October 28th, 2010 Puddles will be closing it’s doors to all it’s beloved customers, fans and critics. To celebrate how far Puddles has come, we will be throwing Puddles final sale.

All item’s in the store will be marked down to 50L$. All shoes, bags, belts, jewellery, etc .. EVERYTHING is 50L$. These items will not be re-released and will be retired after the doors are closed.

You only have until October 28th, 2010 to get what ever you desire from Puddles for the sale price. After that, all items will be retired.

NOW here is some good news. Although Puddles was my first store. A brand that I started from the ground up, I feel that I have out grown it. I put much time, money and effort into the store and I honestly feel that I have gotten the satisfaction and love out of it that I’ve wanted. I feel that my place in SL is to be a designer and this is just the beginning. I will be opening a new store shortly that will sell not only accessories but also clothing.




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