Salutes The Starlust Last (one night) Stand!!!

Sniff…sniff…another sim closing its doors…

As you know, the Starlust sim collective will be dissolving soon. The times are a changing, and change, well, change sucks.

So, a bunch of people decided to do something. You know, one last hurrah for a place that’s brought us panty raids, unicorn sex rallies, an amazing set of builds, and just  general WTF.

Starlust’s Last (one night) Stand. (Ok, so it’s not really one night, but we couldn’t resist the pun of Custer’s last stand, and one night stands. )  It’s actually a weekend long event, to benefit the founders of Starlust, as a way of saying thank you for creating this place, and helping them cover sim expenses in these last months.

There will be kissing booths, exclusive items (designers will donate a percentage of their sales to the Starlust founders), and much more!

Save the date, next weekend, November 12th-14th, for Starlust’s last stand.


The Starlust Motel



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