Garden City Relief…Help for Earthquake Victims!

In an effort to spread the word and help support the victims of the recent Christchurch NZ  earthquake, below is some information from Garden City Relief which is organizing a fundraiser to benefit those affected by this horrible tragedy.

What you can do to help:

Spread the word.

Commit to a donation. Your item must be a quality item that you are willing to donate 100% of the proceeds to this cause. This is not a fair with a charity attached. This is 100%. Your item does not need to be new, nor does it need to be exclusive, though those things certainly help.

No time to make something? We will have a donation box set up–drop in the cost of your morning latte. It’s greatly appreciated!

Blog blog blog!!! Get excited!

If you are interested in making a donation item, please return this card with your name and the name of your store and I will contact you with further information.

I’m hoping to start the fundraiser run from Saturday Feb 26-Saturday Mar 5th.

Inworld contact Shelly Toonie

Garden City Relief

Thanks for your help and interest.

For more information on how you can help, please visit this website:


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