Pure Juice Event now OPEN!!!

As always another great event hosted by CHIC Management is underway and its called Pure Juice.  This event features a lot of great designers who are showcasing some fabulous items and at reasonable prices!  Items range from sky boxes, makeup packs, shoes, jewelry and much more!  Basically a little something for everyone.  The event will be open from March 5-26th.  It’s also a Flickr contest being held during the event so if you want to showcase your skills, don’t be shy and submit your photos.

Below are a few looks I put together from the Pure Juice Event!


Hair: 99 Elephant-Clara

Outfit: GAWK!- Pink High Waist Suit

Shoes: Stiletto Moody- Glam Bootie

Skin: MONS-Sandie Skin Series-Blossom Lips

Jewelry: [MANDALA]- TAKARA Bangle

Poses: Esme Milena: (with love & squalor) tell’ em & sticks n stones

Nemesis, ee.Living Juice and Natural Beauty for (PURE JUICE)

Hair: TRUTH-Cyndi

Outfit: Nemesis-Pure dress

Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps

Jewelry: [glow] studio- Female Necklace (TDR item)

Skin: Natural Beauty- Galina skin

Makeup: ee.Living Juice- Noir ❤ eyemakeup

Purse: Stiletto Moody- Backup bag (didn’t think it would come in handy 😉

*BOOM*,Designers Prims and AMD for (PURE JUICE)

Hair: Detour- Raven II

Outfit: *BOOM*- My Milkshake

Socks: *starshine*- Tube socks

Skin: AMD- Arabell skin

Lounger: Designer Prims-Lounger w/accessories (not shown)


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