Pacific Crisis Fundraiser…

If you haven’t heard designers have once again come together to help those who are in need.  This time its those who need assistance across the Pacific.  We’ve all  seen the unfortunate devastation that has plagued Japan and other neighboring countries.  The event starts March `16th and ends April 10th.

In an effort to show support the SL community has come together to organized the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.  Every brand at the venue has donated a product with 100% of the profits going towards this cause.  But designers were also welcome to bring additional items at 50-100% they could donate toward the charity.

So please take the time to stop by and show your support.  If you by some chance do not see anything you would like or even if you do, tip jars will be available throughout the event for you make donations if you so choose.

*Land for the event was donated by Glam Affair and all volunteers are giving their time without charge.

Please note that 100% of all money raised will go to the charity Americares (



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