Yoga makes for a more AWESOME YOU!

So I recently became part of the Concerned Bloggers Association which is a great group that strives to educate Second Life Peers on various topics.  This month topic deals with exercise and I chose to concentrate on Yoga.  So lets get started on yogafying your life!

So if your like me, exercising is the least exciting thing to do.  But in this day and age exercise is essential and the key to living a long healthy life.  Although that is true finding a good exercise regimen you can comment to can be difficult.  Me personally I tried just about everything, Tao-bo, Pilates and even exercise tapes.  I would do good for about a couple of months and slowly but surely my drive to keep with it would whine down.  As my confidence to lose weight was declining, I happen to come across a Groupon for a 30 day pass for a Yoga class near my home.  I had always wanted to try Yoga and thought this was a good opportunity to give it a shot.  Especially since trying other exercise regiments weren’t working out.

Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul

My first day of Yoga was an experience to remember.  I had decided to take the morning class that was offered thinking it would be a good way to get my day started before work.  I made sure I had everything I needed and followed the advice of the Yoga instructor on preparing for your first class.  My first class was truly a shocking experience, muscles that I never used ached and burned and for a split second I thought I made a terrible decision in taking the class…lol  But despite the pain I was determined to stick it out.  Fortunately I’m glad I did,  I have manage to lose over 30lbs, reduce my stress and sleep better.  Yoga has now become a part of my life and something I have been able to stick with.  Yoga is truly a life transformation that effects your mind, body and soul.  For those who may be looking for a good exercise that can help you lose weight, reduce stress and relax your mind Yoga is worth a shot.

Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul

To hopefully help get you started on a healthier life you can read more about the benefits of Yoga here at Yoga Journal.  Yoga Journal explains what Yoga is, the different types of yoga and how you can get started.  The site also has instructional videos on some basic Yoga poses.  This site has everything you need to know about Yoga and how to get started.  So get into your Yoga gear and yogafy yourself cause Yoga makes for a more AWESOME YOU!!!

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association
If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.


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