NO sex in the ShadZ VIP room…But theres VIP’S

If you haven’t heard, the coolest sunglass maker on the grid now has a VIP group!  If you haven’t joined you’re missing out on über cool perks.

ShadZ VIP…VIP gift (I’M HOT Sunglasses)

By joining  you get:
☆ One exclusive gift EVERY sunday
☆ Mini hunt game to get FATPACK (Monthly)
☆ Occasional other gifts
☆ 30% OFF on Custom order (Copy&Transfer)
☆ Priority on waiting list for custom order
☆ And of course the CARE you deserve ♥

ShadZ VIP…VIP Gift (VIP Sunglasss)

Now their is a small fee…$500L  But come on whats $500L…pfft nothing right?  So pay the fee and get that ShadZ VIP tag! I’ll even help you get there…ShadZ VIP RoomShadZ Mainstore

ShadZ VIP…VIP Gift (Not Made In China Sunglasses)


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