Oh Hi!  I didn’t you see you, I was sitting here reading my book.  Yes even in this technically advanced world I still read a good book from time to time and so does my fellow Concerned Bloggers members.  So on that note, Concerned Bloggers are back to let you know literacy is still important.

Literacy refers to the ability to read for knowledge write coherently, and think critically about the written word.  UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) estimates that twenty percent of all adults, or 774 million are not literate.  Of those who aren’t literate. two-thirds are women.  In addition to that, there are 75 million children who are not attending school and therefore not on the path to become literate.  Literacy is important for many reason.  Literacy is fundamental to many jobs.  A literate populace helps meet the changing demands as the world develops, literacy is an essential quality for a citizen, literacy is now considered to be a human right.

But not to fear if you or someone you know has trouble reading there are various programs that offer assistance with learning to become literate.  One good source is LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System).   This database helps those in need find programs to help learn how to read and write.  So don’t be discouraged take that step and help yourself or someone you know to become literate.  If you’re already literate take time out in your day to enjoy a good book or help those by volunteering in your local community. Either way you will be one step closer to becoming a better you.

For more information on literacy and how to find literacy programs check out these links below…




This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association.

If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.


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