Sometimes what’s popular isn’t always right…The Arts in Education

As always Concerned Bloggers touches a topic near and dear to me and this month we are talking about the arts in education.  Art is a broad spectrum and includes music, theater, dance and various forms of drawing media.  Unfortunately art isn’t always a popular choice.  Sometimes the different medias of art are consider girly or nerdy.  For me, drawing and graphic design was a huge interest of mine as a child.  Art education can strengthen a child’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills, nurtures values, including team building, respecting alternative view points and stimulates memory among other things.

Art has always been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Growing up I would doodle and draw just about anything I saw.  As I got older it turned into a hobby that I wanted to make into a  career.  Unfortunately, my mother didn’t think my talent for drawing was a good career choice.  That being said I had to put my love of drawing on the back burner.  My mother didn’t see that drawing and art in general was something that I really loved.

Luckily as I got older I went against what my mother wanted and applied to art school and majored in Graphic Design.  It was not without some resistance from my mother.  But once she saw how good I was and how much I enjoyed it, she finally came around.  The milestone of my mother finally accepting my choice of majoring in art came when she asked me to create the invitations for her 60th birthday party.  I was really excited and couldn’t believe she asked me to do it.  Her entrusting me with something as important as that let me know that she saw how important art was to me and how much I enjoyed it.


Front design of my mothers Birthday Invitation

Although I am not a parent  I hope that I will be a little more open-minded about art and education and see that although art is not a common career choice that it can be something that is beneficial to my child and brings them joy.  Don’t limit your children because of something they take interest in isn’t a popular choice or not the norm.  If people went by that standard in life we wouldn’t have the pleasure of having the Salvador Dali, Da Vinci or Picasso’s grace us with their beautiful artwork.

To read more about the value of art education and how important it is and can be in a child’s life, feel free to visit these sites below!

Americans for the Arts

Arts Education Partnership



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